Liquid Crystal Elastomers
Liquid Crystal Elastomers Book

"Liquid Crystal Elastomers"

The revised, paper back edition of the book "Liquid Crystal Elastomers" (Warner and Terentjev) was (re)published by OUP in 2007.
It is also available at Amazon.

The revised edition has much additional material on smectic elastomers and on recent developments in cholesteric and photo-responsive elastomers. The original appendices have been removed and are available on-line here, along with other parts of the book. The Appendices are fully integrated into the book with equation and page references, citations etc.
Preface. Brief idea of scope of book.
Table of contents.
First chapter. Gives bird's eye view of the new physical phenomena in the field.

Appendix A Nematic Order in Elastomers Under Strain
Appendix B Biaxial Soft Elasticity
Appendix C Stripe Micro-structure
Appendix D Couple Stress and Cosserat Elasticity
Appendix E Expansion at Small Deformations and Rotations
Appendix F Soft Elasticity in Smectic C elastomers [under revision]